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Mental and social health issues focus during work environment conference
The number of work-related deaths in the EU fell by 57 per cent between 1998 and 2019. But the positive development has flatlined in the past four years. New vigorous action is needed to make a vision zero strategy for work-related deaths a reality.
EU questions whether Sweden follows the working time directive
Does Sweden really have to ban 24-hour shifts? This has been hotly debated lately, with angry firemen taking to the streets to be allowed to continue to work for a whole day and night in a stretch.
Norway tightens rules on hired labour
Norway is tightening the rules on hired labour. Trade unions are cheering while staffing agencies rage and have reported Norway to ESA for being in breach of the EEA agreement.
On the fringes of the EU
The Nordics’ relationship with the EU stretches from Denmark joining 50 years ago to Iceland's current renewed debate about reopening accession talks that were never finalised.
Norwegians still largely negative to EU membership
It is nearly 30 years since Norwegians voted no to EU membership for the last time – so far. The chances for another referendum are slim.

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