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The people and trade unions take EU to task over the social pillar
With a mix of slogans from the trade union movement, cinnamon rolls and sweets, the Swedish government, led by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, tries to present the EU from a different perspective. During the social summit in Gothenburg the social partners were literally sitting around the same table as prime ministers and EU Commissioners.
Employers: EU’s social pillar threatens the Nordic model
Nordic employers fear the EU’s new social pillar could undermine the Nordic model for the labour market. They intend to defend the model tooth-and-nail. That fight will be necessary, predicts a Danish labour market researcher.
Norway launches initiative against work-related crime during EU summit
Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg seized the moment at the EU summit on social rights. She launched an offensive against work-related crime. Norway offers to work with an EU country to develop a more efficient control system.
The Faroese's tense relationship to the EU
50,000 people live in the Faroe Islands. There are 500 people in the EU. But do the Faroese want to be members in the big club and cooperate? The answer is a bit like the wind blowing across the stormy islands – it goes in all directions. Everyone wants closer cooperation, yet what that means depends on who you ask.
Matilda af Hällström, entrepreneurial Nordic Council lobbyist in Brussels
It is an active 24-year-old which the Nordic Council has chosen to be its first local representative in Brussels. Matilda af Hällström is already busy finding out how the Nordic Council can improve its cooperation with the EU and within the EU.

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