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The European Labour Authority ELA challenges the Norwegian model
“If it turns out that Norwegian collective agreements can be overruled by the European Labour Authority, Norway might have to use its veto power in the EEA,” says Marianne Marthinsen, a member of parliament from the Norwegian Labour Party.
Conditions for road transport workers splits Europe into east and west
Truck drivers were sacrificed in order to reach an agreement when the changes to the directive on the posting of workers were passed early this summer.
EU youth unemployment: Some jobs are worse than being unemployed
Nine years after the start of the economic crisis in Europe, several EU countries are struggling to lift millions of youths out of unemployment and idleness. The youth guarantee, which the EU promised would get young people back on their feet, has so far produced no miracles.
Europe takes on social injustice – does the Nordic region show the way?
The social pillar has been missing from Europe’s development. The Gothenburg summit presented a new future. Not everyone enjoys the result, and there are differences of opinion within the Nordic region too. When national interests are at stake, and businesses say no, you get disagreements.
How can the EU’s social pillar be turned into reality?
The EU summit in Gothenburg was a success for the Swedish hosts, but what will the social pillar mean for Europe’s citizens?

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