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Four researchers' take on the minimum wage
A positive move for low-income earners in Europe or the hollowing out of the Nordic collective agreement model? When researchers look at the EU’s proposed directive on statutory minimum wages, the analysis changes according to the area of research and perspectives.
Why minimum pay has become such a hot potato
Why do Finns trust that the proposed minimum wage directive will not harm their labour market model, while the Danes and Swedes have no faith in the European Commission’s assurances? And why is the debate so heated? There are several reasons.
East meets Nordics in EU road transport show-down
The Nordic countries are celebrating that the EU has finally approved rules aimed at fighting social dumping in the international road transport sector. Meanwhile, a number of low-pay countries in the east have asked the EU Court of Justice to annul them.
Prolonged sitting an increasing health and safety risk in Europe
Sedentary work has become one of the main challenges identified in the third major study of European work environments from the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work.
Letter to the EU exposes cracks within European Trade Union Confederation
It is with regret that we need to inform the Commission that the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) reply regarding the consultation on European minimum wages is not representative for us. That is what ten trade union confederations from Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden write in a letter which highlights a historic crack in ETUC.

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