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EU’s labour market wish list “could crash with the Nordic model”
The EU Parliament has drawn up a huge wish list for the labour market. Top social democrat candidate Johan Danielsson believes it contains reasonable demands. "The Nordic region has a lot to gain from improved working and living conditions in the rest of Europe, says Danielsson.
EEA report reignites Norway’s EU debate
It is nearly 30 years since Norwegians voted no to EU membership and also 30 years since Norway signed the EEA agreement. A new report on Norway in the EEA has reignited the debate about Norwegian EU membership.
EU and Nordics cooperate on energy poverty
New EU rules oblige the Nordic countries to ensure that energy crises do not lead to increased poverty. A new report recommends Nordic cooperation on the issue and a Danish MEP calls energy poverty “unsustainable”.
Estonia welcomes Sweden and Finland into Nato
One year after Finland joined Nato, Sweden has also become part of the Nato family. This brings them together with Norway, Iceland and Denmark, members since the start in 1949.
AI – a threat to Nordic democracy?
How will artificial intelligence influence democracy? That was the big question during the marking of Nordic Day in Oslo. Do not think the EU’s AI Act will solve all our problems, the warning went.

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