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Theme: A labour market with fair competition and conditions

Newsletter from the Nordic Labour Journal 6/2018
Theme: A labour market with fair competition and conditions

Photo: Ilja Hendel

Cooperation brings better results

Increased internationalisation demands better cooperation across national and traditional borders. New methods and ways of thinking need input from many sources. This concerns the art world as well as the fight against criminals. But how do you create good results?


Work-related crime must be fought with improved cooperation

When crime occurs in organised ways, inspection authorities and the social partners also need to improve their cross-border cooperation. This was one of the messages when participants from the Nordics and Baltics met at an experts’ seminar in Stockholm recently.


Finland: Unions and the construction industry join forces to fight shadow economy

Trade unions and employers have entered into an unusual collaboration to fight unfair competition and the shadow economy within the Finnish construction industry. A cross-border cooperation has also been important for work environment agencies in Finland and Estonia.

Labour migration to Denmark leads to fear of increased social dumping

Denmark is a popular destination for jobseekers from other EU countries. Trade unions fear this could lead to increased social dumping and want more controls. Yet most foreigners are in jobs that are covered by Danish collective agreements, says one expert.


The Oslo model brings transparency to the construction sector

The view is dizzying as one of the construction workers climb the steps at the top of the new Munch Museum which is being built in Oslo. The museum will be more than a shop window for Norwegian culture; the construction project is also meant to be a showcase for fair competition and working conditions in the construction industry.


Stein Olav Henrichsen: Taking Munch into the future

The new Munch Museum already towers 13 stories over old Viking plots by the Oslo fjord. Stein Olav Henrichsen is the museum director who has taken on the task of managing an historic milestone, as the Munch collection is moved and visitor numbers must double. Who is he, and what does he want? Is Munch relevant enough to fill the grand new museum?


Woman at the top in the Nordic Region

Paula Lehtomäki from Finland becomes the new Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers. She was appointed on 5 September by the Nordic cooperation ministers under the leadership of Sweden and Margot Wallström. Lehtomäki begins her job in March 2019.


Conditions for road transport workers splits Europe into east and west

Truck drivers were sacrificed in order to reach an agreement when the changes to the directive on the posting of workers were passed early this summer.


OECD: Iceland makes more from tourism than fisheries

Tourism has become Iceland’s largest trade and top source of income representing 8.3 percent of GDP, according to the OECD report “Tourism Trends and Policies 2018. Only in Spain, Portugal and Mexico does tourism make up a greater percentage of GDP. 14 percent of Iceland’s labour force now works in the tourism industry.

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