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Theme: The role of language in working life

Newsletter from the Nordic Labour Journal 5/2021

The many languages of working life

In this edition, we look at work from several different points of view. But in reality, it all comes down to the same thing. Work gives us an identity and experiences we would not have otherwise. That is why we are vulnerable when our professional roles are under attack. Or if we never get the chance to work.


The Intensive Year: 12 months to find jobs for Swedish immigrants

The Helsingborg employment service got ready as soon as the government announced its decision, and was prepared when the Intensive Year was launched on 15 April this year. One month later, 40 job seekers have been contacted. One of them is Mehmet.

Nordic youths want to learn more about work environments

A Nordic project could help young people learn more about work environments, starting in elementary school. The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise is preparing a module for 13 to 18-year-olds to improve their work environment knowledge, and the hope is to spread this across the Nordics.


Improved labour market access for sign language users

Earlier this year the Norwegian parliament passed a new language act that states that Norway is multilingual. For the first time, Norwegian sign language was recognised as the national sign language, equal to spoken and written Norwegian as a language and cultural expression.


Nordic job exchange hopes to bounce back from Corona

Many Nordic cooperation platforms have been hit by the Corona pandemic. One of the higher profile ones is Nordjobb, the Nordic mobility programme for young workers. Summer jobs should be starting up now, but many are still waiting to hear from their prospective employers.


Åland gave Finnish Maria a Nordic language boost

Improved self-confidence, great experiences together with other Nordjobb workers and useful language training. These are the best memories from Maria Karjalainen’s time working through Nordjobb. Her job was in Åland – exotic enough for a student from Rovaniemi in northern Finland.


Margrethe Vestager dares take the fight to the giants

EU’s Danish Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager fights against the big ones bullying the little ones. It brings her respect at home and abroad.

Workplace battlegrounds: Are Norwegian employees being criminalised?

How should an employer handle workplace conflicts? In Norway, it is becoming increasingly common to hire external consultants to perform a “faktaundersøkelse” – or workplace investigation. The consultants often come from a legal or psychological background. Employees risk being exposed to situations resembling police interrogations – yet with no legal protection, warn researchers Bitten Nordrik and Tereza Østbø Kuldova.


The social pillar strengthened after EU Porto summit

The EU’s informal summit in Porto, Portugal, on 7 - 8 May ended in a declaration which strengthens the social pillar’s importance in the Union. To the relief of Nordic member states, the introduction of statutory minimum wages was not mentioned in the final document.

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