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Theme: New Nordic perspectives on the work environment

Newsletter from the Nordic Labour Journal 10/2018
Theme: New Nordic perspectives on the work environment

Photo: Cata Portin

New tendencies in Nordic work environments

Work environments can be many things. In this issue of the Nordic Labour Journal we investigate some of them. Oslo recently hosted the largest Nordic conference so far on Supported Employment. One of the questions asked there was who gets to partake in the labour market in the first place?


A new attitude to who might participate in the labour market?

“Nothing is harder than giving up what does not work.” That was the message from Norway’s welfare administration director Sigrun Vågeng as she opened the largest Nordic conference on Supported Employment so far in Oslo. Is this a sign of a paradigm shift?


The Nordics implement Supported Employment in very different ways

The Nordic countries use Supported Employment for getting vulnerable groups into the labour market in very different ways. A growing number of studies show the method gives better results than traditional measures.

18 recommendations to improve Danish work environments

Workplaces should be more centre stage in the work to improve work environments. That is the recommendation from an expert committee appointed by the Danish government, tasked with turning around negative workplace developments.

Denmark can learn from Sweden’s work environment measures

Sweden has a stronger culture for cooperation than Denmark when it comes to work environments, according to a survey carried out on behalf of an expert committee looking at measures for improving work environments.


Finland: More awareness around workplace threats to social workers

Female Finnish social and care workers run a higher risk of being the victims of violence and threats of violence. Social workers very often suffer verbal threats that sometimes turn into pure stalking. The authorities are now aware of the problem, but the road to safer workplaces is long.


Nader Ahmadi heads the new work environment authority with “ears to the ground”

In Swedish Gävle a new public body in work environment knowledge is emerging, which will be responsible for creating and disseminating knowledge. “The work environment is extremely important for socially sustainable societies,” says the Director General Nader Ahmadi.

Creating a decent work environment for employees in the new economy

How can the Swedish Work Environment Authority carry out inspections and promote satisfactory work environments for the self-employed, digital platform workers or those who are employed in other new forms of organising work? That is what the authority is trying to figure out in a two year-long project commissioned by the government.

New Swedish council to defend collective bargaining

In light of the European Commission’s many recent legislative initiatives in the social policy field, the Swedish private sector social partners have joined forces to fight for their common interests on an EU level.


Disruption patrol alerts authorities of work-related crime

Private operators outside of the public labour inspection system in both Norway and Sweden are gathering information on cowboy operators within the construction industry. The Nordic Labour Journal joined Vidar Sagmyr from the construction industry’s disruption patrol in Trondheim on an ordinary assignment. This time, he received no death threats.


Kone: Lifting the office environment to a new level

Few Nordic companies play such a big part in the work environment as Kone. But they do it discretely. As long as everything works, hardly anyone thinks about the lifts and escalators we use to and from our jobs and inside the building where we work.

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