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Norwegians still largely negative to EU membership
It is nearly 30 years since Norwegians voted no to EU membership for the last time – so far. The chances for another referendum are slim.
Iceland starting to ponder EU membership
Iceland applied for EU membership in 2009, after the collapse of the banking system almost bankrupted the country. The government at the time, led by the EU-friendly Social Democratic Party, believed membership was vital for financial stability. The Euro was also seen as better than the small and unstable krona.
How the EEA grant gives Norway influence in the EU
Norway and Iceland have full access to the EU internal market thanks to the EEA agreement. But they have to pay a fee. Between 2004 and 2021, Norway paid a total of 60 billion Norwegian kroner (€5.3bn) for access. The difference is that the country has a say in what the money is used for, which brings both influence and attention. A new report details what has been achieved.
The Norwegian civil servant working for Sweden
In January, Norwegian Finn Ola Jølstad swapped his day job as a senior civil servant at the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion in Oslo for a job at the Swedish Ministry of Employment. His job exchange lasts six months and falls right in the middle of Sweden’s EU Presidency.
The greatest threats to energy supply in the Nordic region
Nordic Energy Research has presented a list of risks to the energy market. Topping it, somewhat surprisingly, is the long approval process facing new energy projects along with the fact that there is little public support for state-funded infrastructure investments.

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