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The Nordic Ministers of Labour


The issue of the supply of skilled labour is high on the agenda in the Nordic countries, as well as that of getting everybody on track for the new knowledge-based society. We have put four questions to the Ministers responsible for labour market policy in the Nordic countries, in order to hear their views on these challenges.

  1. Bottlenecks in the labour market? How do you resolve the problem of bottlenecks in the labour market in the long term? Is selective labour force immigration a necessary measure to ensure the supply of the right skills, in the foreseeable future as well? 
  2. A labour market for all? Can we prevent the trend towards an e-society from marginalizing more people and creating more lines of demarcation? 
  3. Cooperation within the Nordic countries / the EU? Can cooperation in the labour market field within the EU take over the role that cooperation within the Nordic countries is playing/has played?
  4. The role of the public employment service (PES)? What role should the PE play in the labour market of the future?    

Answers from:

Ove Hygum, Social Democratic Party, Denmar

Tarja Filatov, Social Democratic Party, Finland

Páll Pétursson, Progress Party, Iceland

Jørgen Kosmo, Labour Party, Norway

Mona Sahlin, Social Democratic Party, Sweden

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