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Editorial: The proof is in the pudding

(Dec 12, 2011) Social sustainability must become as obvious as a sustainable climate or environment, says Hillevi Engström, Sweden’s Minister of Labour. Like her Nordic colleagues she has a drive to open up the labour market for people with disabilities.

Editorial: The spirit of our times and future challenges

(Nov 14, 2011) The Nordic welfare state is a finely tuned system. Cooperation between the social partners and authorities is central to its development. When Nordic trade unions loose members this power balance is endangered. That is an issue well worth focusing on. According to experts and politicians Nordic Labour Journal has spoken to, there is a need for action.

Editorial: Klondike and thousands of new Nordic jobs?

(Oct 12, 2011) How will that show in labour market statistics? Statistics Sweden, SCB, celebrates its anniversary. They have delivered labour market statistics and figures for the past 50 years. A mining boom and measures to get more jobs for more people can provide exciting figures in the years to come.

Editorial: Equality means sustainability

(Sep 07, 2011) Economic crisis, political earthquakes and unprecedented terror in the midst of the Nordic region. It has all impacted the Nordic countries. “Crisis test the strength of the Nordic welfare models” is this month’s Theme. One important question pops up: must the welfare models be adapted to avoid growing differences within the countries?

Editorial: A common Nordic labour market but not common public goods

(Jun 17, 2011) What would happen in the Øresund region if 20 to 30,000 commuters across the bridge between Sweden and Denmark decided it was time to take action?

Editorial: Language - a source for joint understanding

(May 10, 2011) "Have you heard your employer use the word 'safety' and do you know what that word means?" asks the language teacher at Vestegnen's Language and Competence Centre south of Copenhagen. The quote touches on the depth of the challenges posed by not understanding a language.

Editorial: Mobile labour creates turbulence

(Apr 07, 2011) "I have freed my own work from the shackles of time and space," says the head of Microsoft Finland in our piece on open plan office spaces. He commutes in time and space between his virtual and real mobile workplace.

Editorial: Vision or reality?

(Mar 07, 2011) Will Danes vote for a female prime minister in the coming election? In real life? That would be the first time.

Will Lex Laval work?

(Nov 02, 2010) On 9 September the Swedish Building Workers' Union (Byggnads) took industrial action against a Lithuanian company building a school in Höllviken in Southern Sweden. The union demanded the company paid its Lithuanian workers according Swedish salary agreements. Are we heading towards a new Laval ruling?

National pride gave Icelanders tunnel-vision

National pride gave Icelanders tunnel-vision

(May 24, 2010) Icelanders help each other out in bad times. But when it comes to a man-made crisis they don't really know how to act.

The Laval case, act III – Sweden's Labour Court rules union must pay high damages

(Jan 12, 2010) The Labour Court judgment is important in principle and very controversial. For the first time in EU history a trade union is made to pay damages after industrial action contrary to EU-law.

Nordic labour markets: a Brussels point of view

(Aug 19, 2009) Those looking to learn something from the Nordic labour markets treat them with envy and respect, but also with a degree of scepticism, writes Jørgen Rønnest.

Working con amore

Working con amore

(May 01, 2008) After fifteen years in Italy, it feels wonderful to be taken on the wings of the Scandinavian labour market. Not under! That's the whole point.

UK's Eastern European salvation or damnation

UK's Eastern European salvation or damnation

(Oct 01, 2006) A day trip to Britain's famous Blackpool seaside resort left me wondering whether I'd taken a wrong turning and ended up in Poland. In every chip shop, every café, every gaming arcade and at every amusement ride I was served by a Marek, an Ewa or a Dariuz.

Packing your bags is hard to do

(Mar 01, 2006) Two nights a week, over twenty foreigners like me gather in a classroom at an Oslo language school, determined to improve our faltering Norwegian.

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