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Editorial: Can we afford not to invest in young people?

(Sep 13, 2013) What can get more young people into work? Where are the successful experiences that shows it pays to give young people a chance in working life? Everyone shares the same goal: getting people into work while maintaining an efficient use of taxpayers’ money, says Sweden’s Minister for Labour Hillevi Engström in this month’s theme.

Editorial: Job engagement is pure gold

(Jun 19, 2013) How do you achieve job engagement and work commitment? In this summer edition of the Nordic Labour Journal our writers, experts and researchers explore what happens with job engagement when work pressure increases. Does job engagement really equal increased productivity? Is job engagement pure gold?

Editorial: What to do with the youth?

(May 23, 2013) Make no mistake: youth unemployment is foremost in Nordic politicians’ minds. Especially NEETs, young people not in education, employment or training. They make up between five and ten percent of Nordic youths. But what will politicians do for them?

Editorial: Bad working conditions under pressure

(Apr 16, 2013) What do you do if your colleague works twice as long at half the pay that you get? There are trades and individuals who gravely exploit cheap labour, and in times of crisis many will accept a lot in order to get a job. What is being done in the Nordic region to make sure labour market rules are being followed? The fight against social dumping is this month’s theme in the Nordic Labour Journal.

Editorial: The many reasons for gender equality

(Mar 08, 2013) The Nordic Labour Journal’s gender equality barometer, the third in as many years, shows progress for women’s representation in Nordic power positions by one percentage point in 2012 in relation to a 50/50 gender distribution.

Editorial: Labour migrants head North

(Feb 08, 2013) Iro came first. She arrived from Greece to study. Then the crisis hit, Iro found a job and stayed. Now her brother Dimitris has joined her to look for work in Norway. Do they represent a wave of job seekers from crisis-hit southern Europe to the Nordic region, we wonder in this month’s theme.

Editorial: Cooperation under pressure

(Dec 14, 2012) Whatever happened to the Nordic negotiation model? people asked as news broke that SAS employees were told to accept longer hours for less pay or see the airline go bust.

Editorial: Changing media and redundant journalists

(Nov 15, 2012) Are the big media corporations panicking in the face of changing media habits when redundancies spread across the industry? Falling classifieds revenues, budget cuts and fewer readers are shaking Nordic newspaper houses. Jobs are cut across the board and senior writers take early retirement, bidding a sad farewell after serving society for many years. What is happening?

Editorial: Art and culture shapes the future working life

(Oct 14, 2012) Working life is changing and improving constantly. The essence of art is to go beyond what is already there and point to something new. Can art and culture help innovation processes and the development of new jobs?

Editorial: Nordic ministers’ fruitful Svalbard meeting

(Sep 21, 2012) Norway’s Minister of Labour Hanne Bjurstrøm wanted to celebrate Nordic cooperation and invited her colleagues to Svalbard.

Editorial: Youth on the edge

(Jun 28, 2012) Youth unemployment is a problem to which the open Nordic labour market should be part of the solution. ‘Jobbresan‘ (the Job Journey) organised by Nordic exchange programme Nordjobb is an exciting attempt at removing the remaining obstacles.

Editorial: Can apps open the door to a new working life?

(May 22, 2012) The mobile telephone is one of the best examples of Nordic cooperation there is. The use of the same standards across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden created a market which was big enough to allow companies like Nokia and Ericsson a head start and to become major exporters.

Editorial: The unacceptable consequences of border obstacles

(Apr 15, 2012) A long and comprehensive job to find and solve the key problems met by Nordic citizens working in a different Nordic country is nearing its end.

Editorial: One step forward and two steps back?

(Mar 08, 2012) Nordic women are loosing power in politics and society, according to Nordic Labour Journal’s barometer. Is this really the case? Denmark’s Minister for Equality promises a policy in high gear, and the chairman of Carlsberg’s executive board is going for 40 percent women on the board, but says no thank you to any legislation in Denmark. Can they achieve a better balance of power, like Iceland has?

Editorial: The good life as a centenarian

(Feb 09, 2012) The good life as a centenarian is so far reserved for the very few, but this year the first post war generation turns 67. This is a watershed. Already in 2017 there will be fewer people in work than outside of work. Active ageing has never been more relevant.

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