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Do we have the statistics we need?

(Dec 17, 2018) ”What we measure affects what we do. If we measure the wrong thing, we will do the wrong thing. If we don't measure something, it becomes neglected, as if the problem didn't exist.”

What happened to the spirit of consent?

(Nov 15, 2018) Have we become less good at solving conflicts in the Nordic region? Are we seeing a weakening of the spirit of consent which has made it possible to reach compromises that everyone can live with? This issue of the Nordic Labour Journal looks at the debate in the five Nordic countries.

New tendencies in Nordic work environments

(Oct 16, 2018) Work environments can be many things. In this issue of the Nordic Labour Journal we investigate some of them. Oslo recently hosted the largest Nordic conference so far on Supported Employment. One of the questions asked there was who gets to partake in the labour market in the first place?

Cooperation brings better results

(Sep 07, 2018) Increased internationalisation demands better cooperation across national and traditional borders. New methods and ways of thinking need input from many sources. This concerns the art world as well as the fight against criminals. But how do you create good results?

New research provides new perspectives on the labour market

(Jun 22, 2018) Research and investigations provide valuable input to the political debate, to policy development and to the implementation of political measures, said Norway’s Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion Anniken Hauglie as she opened The Nordic Work Life Conference 2018 at OsloMet. The Nordic Labour Journal was inspired to focus on new knowledge on equality, the basic income and digitalisation.

Skills – a key to the technological development

(May 29, 2018) The technological development; how does it impact our jobs, and which skills will we need? These questions were raised during the third Nordic conference on the Future of Work. They are hard to answer, as developments are continuing apace. How do authorities and the social partners face the changes? And how do we meet the skills demand? Who is responsible for what?

Cooperating to stop a race to the bottom

(Apr 19, 2018) Not everything is perfect, but the Nordics are doing some good things, getting down to business, highlighting problems, considering the measures, wanting to learn from others without erasing political divides. This is also the case when discussing labour market inclusion, #metoo and work-related crime. Broad cooperation aims to make sure things point in the right direction.

Nordic gender equality 2018 – from #metoo to new structures

(Mar 07, 2018) #metoo has thrown the spotlight on sexual harassment and indecent behaviour towards women, and marks a new chapter when it comes to discrimination. But loud voices, engagement and structural measures are all needed to achieve gender equality. The Nordic Labour Journal’s gender equality barometer shows that the Nordic countries are developing in somewhat different directions, yet action is being taken to target inequalities.

Innovation – a must for inclusion

(Feb 08, 2018) The economy is improving across Europe, giving hope to Europe’s young. But it is not enough: To include young people in work and education, change is needed. The Nordic Labour Journal illustrates how fresh knowledge combined with structural changes can give vulnerable youths the chance to blossom and young entrepreneurs possibilities to grow.

The golden formula

(Dec 11, 2017) When we can watch a robot do a summersault, we know there has been a technological leap. We cannot know the consequences, but change is needed to face what is happening.

Europe takes on social injustice – does the Nordic region show the way?

(Nov 23, 2017) The social pillar has been missing from Europe’s development. The Gothenburg summit presented a new future. Not everyone enjoys the result, and there are differences of opinion within the Nordic region too. When national interests are at stake, and businesses say no, you get disagreements.

Why working life is key

(Oct 23, 2017) The thinking surrounding the working environment is changing. Demands for new knowledge and increased productivity, an ageing population and not least the unfathomable costs of a bad working environment are all factors that call for fresh thinking. What works? Paying your way out of the problems, or putting work’s content centre stage? And what happens in the new labour market which is now emerging?

The necessary skills at the right time

(Sep 19, 2017) Finding a good match is not always easy, especially in the labour market. As the labour market is transforming at lightning speed, the need for skills increases. The opportunity to get adult and continuing education becomes equally important. But how to do it? The Nordic Labour Journal looks at possibilities and practice in the Nordic region.

The inequality pain threshold has been reached

(Jun 22, 2017) The inequality pain threshold has been reached. The OECD now wants the world to think again about what the term economic growth should entail.

A platform economy, on what terms?

(May 26, 2017) Is the digital platform economy a threat to the Nordic model? Which strategies are needed in order to influence the development? Is a separate Nordic platform economy possible? The Nordic Labour Journal shines a light on the future of work.

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