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The Nordics: Failing reforms exclude youths with disabilities

(Mar 06, 2015) More flexibility does not lead to a more inclusive labour market. Political reforms carried out in the Nordic region in the first decade of the millennium do not have any measurable effects either, concludes the Nordic research group behind the report ‘New Policies to Promote Youth Inclusion’.

New work environment agreement focuses on prevention and permanence

(Mar 06, 2015) Denmark’s work environment will be strengthened over the next four years with 135 million Danish kroner (€18m), mainly aimed at preventing violence, threats, workplace accidents and burnout.

Victory for the Finnish Electrical Workers' Union in EU Court of Justice

(Mar 06, 2015) ”6 – 0 to the Finnish Electrical Workers’ Union!” ”The greatest thing to have happened since the Laval judgement!” Reactions from the employees’ side were exuberant when the Court of Justice of the European Union announced its preliminary ruling in the case concerning 186 Polish electricians who had been posted to Finland.

Norway: strike against labour law reform, tough conflicts ahead

Norway: strike against labour law reform, tough conflicts ahead

(Feb 07, 2015) Will more short term contracts lead to more jobs for more people? Will it make it easier to access the labour market? Would it create more jobs or just more temporary staff? These questions are at the core of Norwegian workers’ fight against changes to the working environment act.

Denmark: more refugees and immigrants into work

(Feb 07, 2015) Far too few refugees and immigrants in Denmark are in work, and there is broad agreement something needs to be done about it. Yet there is little support for the Prime Minister’s proposal to get refugees and immigrants to clean up Denmark’s beaches and fix swings in kindergartens.

"LinkedIn can complement the  employment service"

"LinkedIn can complement the employment service"

(Feb 07, 2015) “We must improve matching in the labour market, and the employment service needs help from other players to do this. LinkedIn could play an important role in a well functioning labour market,” says Sweden’s Minister for Employment, Ylva Johansson.

Technology and cooperation key for sustainable development in the Arctic

Technology and cooperation key for sustainable development in the Arctic

(Feb 07, 2015) The Nordic region needs to speak with one voice and develop joint technology if the northernmost parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden want to achieve sustainable development in the Arctic, according to the report ‘Growth from the North’.

Sweden’s government crisis means less money for working life

(Dec 08, 2014) On Wednesday 3 December Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced snap elections will be held on 22 March 2015. His centre-left minority government’s budget was voted down in parliament, which also means the promised increase in spending for the Public Employment Service and the Work Environment Authority will not materialise.

Iceland: fewer take paternity leave

(Dec 08, 2014) When Iceland introduced paid paternity leave in 2000 it was a huge success. New fathers welcomed the opportunity to stay at home with their children. But the trend has not continued, and fathers’ income opportunities have worsened. Families can no longer afford the cut in earnings.

Arch rivals form coalition government in Greenland

Arch rivals form coalition government in Greenland

(Dec 05, 2014) The Siumut party secured a narrow victory in Greenland’s general elections and has formed a government with the two centre-right parties Atassut and the Democrats. The latter was a particular surprise choice.

The Laval judgement: Swedish government wants more power to unions

(Dec 04, 2014) The Swedish government says the EU adjustment went too far when Swedish legislation was changed as a result of the EU Court of Justice’s judgement in the Laval case. A government-appointed commission has now been asked to come up with proposals for how to make it easier for trade unions to monitor the working conditions for posted workers. But the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise says the government’s ambitions are incompatible with EU law.

Jobs top of the agenda at meeting of Nordic prime minsters

Jobs top of the agenda at meeting of Nordic prime minsters

(Nov 10, 2014) Removing border obstacles and increasing investments to create jobs are some of the visions shared by the Nordic prime ministers. During the Stockholm session of the Nordic Council, they also expressed a wish to expand the Nordic region as a brand.

Make room for creativity in the workplace

Make room for creativity in the workplace

(Nov 10, 2014) Forget sending employees to courses in creativity and focus on creative breaks during the working day instead. That is one of many pieces of advice from Denmark’s new professor of creative leadership, businessman and billionaire Christian Stadil.

Social Europe under pressure

Social Europe under pressure

(Oct 24, 2014) There’s a conflict between the EU’s social ambitions and national autonomy, not least when it comes to the labour market, Sweden’s newly elected Minister for Employment Ylva Johansson told a seminar in Stockholm on 22 October.

Finnish cases in EU Court of Justice could have Nordic consequences

(Oct 14, 2014) Is the Finnish system of universally applicable collective agreements incompatible with the free movement of services? That is what an advocate-general at the Court of Justice of the European Union suggests in a fresh opinion. The case is only one out of three current ones which could have a major impact on the Nordic countries’ labour markets.

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