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Theme: The Nordic Council of Ministers at 50

Newsletter from the Nordic Labour Journal 4/2021

Nordic cooperation during extreme times

The Nordic Council of Ministers is 50 this year. Meanwhile, the cooperation between the Nordic countries is being challenged more than ever since 1971. But many things have also worked and we have gained new insight into the importance of our open borders.

Future Nordic mobility depends on crisis cooperation

Increased Nordic cooperation is needed before Nordic citizens can regain pre-Corona levels of confidence to apply for jobs, study or buy second homes in a different Nordic country. That was the message at a conference on border obstacles on Nordic Day 2021.

The Nordics – a family in need of therapy?

The pandemic has challenged both the Nordic cooperation and trust between Nordic citizens. But many of the challenges ahead call for joint action on climate, welfare and sustainable development. The Nordic cooperation is deadly necessary, underlines Finland, which holds the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2021.


LGBTI certification – more than a rainbow flag outside the building

Insecurity can stifle conversations about LGBTI – better to say nothing than risk choosing the wrong word. At the Dunkers Culture House in Helsingborg, knowledge gained from certification has had a positive effect on both visitors and the work environment. It has also increased self-confidence among staff.


No Swedish OECD head – controversial Australian wins

Australian Mathias Cormann is the OECD’s new Secretary-General after beating Swedish candidate Cecilia Malmström. It has been 14 years since a new leader was elected for the organisation, which is made up of 37 industrialised countries.


Finland and Sweden: one year, two cities, one closed border

In Sweden, the talk was about Finland “closing the border to Sweden”. In Finland, it was called “necessary domestic border controls”. It has been more than a year since the Corona pandemic changed everyday life in the most integrated region of the Nordics – the twin cities of Tornio and Haparanda.


More women in STEM jobs would benefit all of society

Could education or jobs be to blame for women and girls not choosing science, technology, engineering or mathematics – known as STEM – occupations? Or is it the women and girls themselves who need to change?


Global initiative to strengthen social dialogue

The Corona pandemic has shown the importance of making quick decisions – but these also need public support. That is why social dialogue is so important. Global Deal, launched by Sweden together with the OECD and the ILO, is one of the few initiatives looking at social dialogue from an international perspective.


Norway: women engineers on the rise

Ingvild Wang (24) has a master of technology from Norway’s University of Science and Technology, NTNU. She believes role models and equal education opportunities have led to a good proportion of women among young engineers.

Minimum wages: ball back in EU Commission's court

The EU can adopt the European Commission’s proposed directive on minimum wages – as long as one article is deleted or changed. That was the answer from the Council of Ministers’ legal service after the Danish government requested a statement. The question now is what will be the Commission’s next step.


Nordic equality: small annual changes but a long-term revolution

2020 became a bit of a gap year for gender equality, according to the Nordic Labour Journal barometer. It measures whether 24 positions of power in each of the Nordic countries are being held by a woman or man on 8 March. Like last year, women got 83 points. 100 points equals total equality.


International cooperation key to effective digitalisation

The Nordics are accelerating the digitalisation of society at least as fast as the rest of Europe. That brings advantages and challenges, according to Nordic and EU politicians who met for a webinar on digitalisation in early March.

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