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Theme: Nordic statistics - frontline defenders of truth

Newsletter from the Nordic Labour Journal 12/2018
Theme: Nordic statistics - frontline defenders of truth

Photo: Cata Portin

Do we have the statistics we need?

”What we measure affects what we do. If we measure the wrong thing, we will do the wrong thing. If we don't measure something, it becomes neglected, as if the problem didn't exist.”


2018 – a trying year for Statistics Norway’s independence

Statistics Norway (SSB) did not hold back in its description of itself in its latest annual report: “SSB acts as Norway’s first line of defence in the fight against fake news by providing objective and relevant statistics, research and analysis to help understand Norway,” it says.


Denmark leads the way on statistics using microdata

When it comes to statistics, Denmark is leading the way in the Nordics as well as internationally. Half a century of data-gathering from personal information registers provides detailed statistics about Danes and their working lives.

Statistics Sweden: new statistics on how different immigrant groups manage in the Nordics

Statistics Sweden (SCB) and its Nordic opposites have begun producing comparable statistics on how immigrants manage in the labour market, divided into country of origin.


Tourism pushes Iceland's CO2 emissions to record levels

While many countries have managed to cut their climate gas emissions, Iceland has seen a marked increase in recent years according to the latest data from 2016. That year, the per capita carbon dioxide emissions were 16.9 tonnes. The EU average was 7.3 tonnes per capita.

OECD: Politicians put too much trust in the GDP

Do we have the necessary statistics to govern our societies in the best possible way? Or is a blind trust in statistics to blame, at least indirectly, for the collapse in trust in authorities after the financial crisis? Before dismissing this as a conspiracy – the theory was presented by none other than the OECD.


Marjo Bruun: The new economy is a statistical challenge

Marjo Bruun, Director General for Statistics Finland, considers journalists to be the most important partners in the fight for honest words and digits.

New PIAAC study coming up – to measure abilities among adults

The knowledge gap between high and low skilled workers widens over the course of a working life. One way of bridging the gap is securing more knowledge about where the strength and weaknesses lie in lifelong learning. This is the reason for the second round of the OECD’s PIAAC study, which looks at literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills in adults.

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