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Newsletter from the Nordic Labour Journal 7/2015

Theme: Working life research and the future

Editorial: Refugees leaving their mark

“I don’t believe anyone in any government office fails to think about refugees,” says the new Director for the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) Sigrun Vågeng in the Portrait. The numbers arriving to the Nordics have broken all predictions and colour societies and their public debate.

Why are working life researchers so reluctant to talk about the future?

This summer Ann Bergman really managed to ignite the debate on working life research. In an article in the Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies she asked why working life researchers are so uninterested in the future.

New challenges for working life research

Big Data is the new buzzword for the enormous increase in stored information across the world. But how will this information stream influence working life and working life research?

Do we have a true image of the new working life?

For many years there has been talk about the new working life, where work is more about doing something meaningful than about making money. But are we really seeing the emergence of a new type of independent worker who feels collective agreements and permanent contracts are nothing but obstacles?


Norway's new NAV Director: Sigrun Vågeng wants less central control and better leadership

“I have clear instructions to increase the focus on labour within NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration). That is my mission,” says Labour and Welfare Director Sigrun Vågeng. She believes less centralised control and more leadership will help her in that mission.

Cross-border education at the Cap of the North extended

Since 1991 Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian youths on at the Cap of the North have been able to meet and get vocational training under the auspices of Utbildning Nord (Education North) — a unique cross-border education strategy. On 19 October the scheme was extended until 2019.

Stress and time pressure a challenge to Nordic work environments

Time pressure is a considerably higher psychosocial risk factor in Nordic businesses compared to the rest of Europe. Nordic businesses also highlight a lack of time as the main obstacle to a good work environment.

New proposal for improved control of posted workers’ terms and conditions

Tearing up Lex Laval would improve the terms and conditions for foreign workers in Sweden according to the Posted Workers Committee review of Lex Laval, which was presented to Sweden’s Minister for Employment Alva Johansson on 30 September.


Nordic comparative report: Youths loosing their footing

The share of youths who loose their footing is increasing in all of the Nordic countries. Although youth unemployment is a major problem, decision makers should make a more concerted effort to identify and support those most at risk.

Danish unemployment benefit reform around the corner

Denmark's more than century old unemployment benefit system is being modernised. Considering the reactions to the proposal for a more flexible system from the commission on unemployment benefits, political negotiations will be tough.

Norway: Government to strengthen measures aimed at youths

Unemployment is growing in Norway, especially among young people. The government’s 2016 budget proposal includes a youth package aimed at preventing more young people from falling outside of education and working life.

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