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Mapped: Nordic migration between 1960 and 2010

Mapped: Nordic migration between 1960 and 2010

| Nordregio for the Nordic Labour Journal, map: Julien Grunfelder; data collected by Linus Rispling an Julien Grunfelder

There have been major changes between 1960 and 2010. Sweden has the most emigrants, Norway takes in the most immigrants - not only from other Nordic countries, but from former eastern European countries and other parts of the world too.

Map 2


  • Sweden received the most Nordic immigrants, especially from Finland
  • Denmark also received a considerable number of Nordic immigrants.
  • Considerable emigration from Finland and Iceland
  • Emigration to the Nordic countries: Mostly from European countries, followed by North and South America. 
Map 3


  • Norway receives more Nordic migrants than any of the other Nordic countries
  • Denmark is the second country with a surplus of Nordic migrants
  • The situation is more balanced in Sweden and Finland
  • Iceland still tops emigration statistics
  • Emigration to the Nordic countries: Mainly from other European countries. Considerable amount of emigrants from Asia. Sweden is the main destination.
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