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In focus 2006

Theme: New thinking mobilising change
Is it time for a new approach to work and people's relationship with work? In the Nordic countries, work is traditionally highly valued. Employment rates for both men and women have for a long time been the highest in the world. But even if the term 'working joy' was coined here, something is seriously wrong in the relationship between the worker and the job. High levels of sick leave, unemployment figures and early retirement are all indicators of that. ‘ How can work develop so we can go to work with joy - no matter if we're young or old, are able to work a lot or a little, have got physical or psychological handicap or come from different ethnic backgrounds? There are good intentions about, but somehow it's no longer enough. Do we need a new approach to working life? Do we need a strategy for a sustainable working life?
Theme: Work place learning with a human face
Life-long learning is seen as the golden key to unlock the magic door to the future. Through continued competence development we shall overcome global competition and accelerating technological development, employers will find competent employees, and employees will be flexible enough to follow the windy road of development. In the long run, knowledge will secure growth and welfare

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