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Articles on work environment  matters processed in WTO, ILO etc.

The changes hidden behind the smokescreen

The changes hidden behind the smokescreen

(Nov 03, 2010) As the Iron Curtain came down, contacts between the Nordic region and Russia multiplied. Yet the image of the Eastern neighbour needs updating, even in the part of the Nordic region which has enjoyed the friendliest relationship - the Norwegian municipality of Sør-Varanger on the border with Russia. The nickel plant across the border has been a smokescreen both literally and figuratively.

Healthy, competent citizens: the Nordic plan for global competitiveness

(Aug 31, 2010) Giant pan-Nordic drive for health and well-being takes off.

Swedish work environment tempts Chinese

(May 10, 2010) Oscar Berger is Sweden's Counsellor of Labour Market Affairs in Beijing. His job is to study the Chinese labour market and employment issues for the future - including Chinese competence and labour immigration.

Joint Nordic drive for more foreign labour

(May 10, 2010) Nordic cooperation could help market the region as an attractive labour market for highly educated third-country nationals.

Indians discover there's more to Denmark than dairies

Indians discover there's more to Denmark than dairies

(May 10, 2010) Denmark opened a Workindenmark office in New Dehli in October 2008. Now some Indians are slowly getting to know about this Nordic country. Danish authorities are holding back a larger recruitment campaign until they have more knowledge about what career opportunities exist for Indians in Denmark.

Finland's welfare system appeals to Indian IT engineers

Finland's welfare system appeals to Indian IT engineers

(May 10, 2010) Indian IT engineers Naveen Kumar Korupolu (32) and Basa Ravikiran (33) arrived in Helsinki from Hyderabad with their families five years ago. They have successfully fought off both long, dark winters and cultural differences. Finns are nice and life feels safe.

New convention improves marine working environments

(May 05, 2010) Shipping is the most global of all businesses. One reason for introducing a new Marine Labour Convention is to create a more even playing field for the shipping companies. Shipowners should no longer be able to save money by cutting wages or neglecting the working environment.

Making new welfare policy in the US

(Jun 01, 2008) Can conditional cash payments help your kids stay in school or do well on tests or help families beat the poverty trap? It was proven successful in Mexico, New York City is testing it now, and Britain's Gordon Brown is watching closely to see if there is something to learn.

From before cradle to grave

From before cradle to grave

(May 01, 2008) If the new president asked: What would you recommend to really combat poverty?

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