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Articles on the work environment and culture.

Job description: do as little as possible

Job description: do as little as possible

(Mar 02, 2010) They suddenly appeared in all European capitals and tourist cities: the living statues. Where did they come from? What are they thinking while they stand there, lifeless? What do they do in winter? We came with many questions and quite a few prejudices when we approached one of the most peculiar occupations there is.

New life for “industrial graveyards“ - lots of jobs in culture and arts

(Oct 01, 2006) All around Europe a fast growing labour market in culture and arts gives new vigour to cities and towns. In de-industrialised places this is particularly evident. Instead of moving out, people have started to move in - to jobs in the “creative sector“ - counting for an average of one third of all jobs.

Finnish fast track through the employment office

Finnish fast track through the employment office

(Aug 01, 2005) During the 90s, Finland succeeded in rapidly reducing unemployment among young people. Now new tools are needed to move on. A system of fast-tracking them through the employment office has proved successful. The method is called society guarantee. The aim is for all unemployed between 17 and 25 to either get a place of study, start work training or to get a taste of working life in workshops.

Internet pop

(Oct 01, 2001) In recent months, several books have been written about the IT industry by former pop musicians.

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