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Comments 2017

Old people and politics
The Faroe Islands want to tempt women to move back home. There is a female deficit. Like in many more remote areas in the Nordic region, there is a demographic imbalance. Young people are drawn to urban areas, and the older grow older still. Can migrants fill the holes in the labour market as the health and care sectors’ responsibilities grow? “The hundred-year-wave hits the Nordic labour market” is this issue's theme.
The Nordic region not good enough on gender equality and mental health
There has been no overall change in the distribution of powerful positions in the Nordic region, according to the NLJ’s gender equality barometer for 2017. Yet there is an increase in the number of women in top positions within trade unions, employers’ organisations and labour government ministries.
New roads leading to healthy workplaces
The Nordic countries want to be best internationally, and consider healthy workplaces to be a great competitive advantage in a global market place. But, as Nordic researchers warn: “a good working environment is not the icing on the cake, but the pointers you apply in the course of the process”. In this month’s Theme, the Nordic Labour Journal looks at the pointers the different countries have been applying.
Editorial: A platform economy, on what terms?
Is the digital platform economy a threat to the Nordic model? Which strategies are needed in order to influence the development? Is a separate Nordic platform economy possible? The Nordic Labour Journal shines a light on the future of work.
Editorial: The inequality pain threshold has been reached
The inequality pain threshold has been reached. The OECD now wants the world to think again about what the term economic growth should entail. So far the narrative about growth first, then distribution has only widened the gap between rich and poor. Now a new narrative is emerging, with terms like ‘resilient, sustainable and inclusive growth’. The Nordic Labour Journal looks into what this paradigm shift means and focuses on inclusion in the labour market.

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