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Work Environment

Ignorance of nano particles a growing risk in the workplace

Ignorance of nano particles a growing risk in the workplace

(Nov 12, 2014) More and more people are exposed to nano particles at work, but few know which types of particles are present or how to handle them. The Nordic Labour Journal visited a Finnish company where safety is everything.

Ylva Johansson: Minister for Employment with a feminist agenda

Ylva Johansson: Minister for Employment with a feminist agenda

(Nov 11, 2014) Her ambitions are clear: youth unemployment is priority number one. Second on the list is to match jobseekers and jobs. She wants to improve working conditions in female-dominated workplaces and she will fight for more social rights within the EU.

Threats and Possibilities facing Nordic Working Life

(Nov 03, 2014) Guy Standing has analysed the devastating effects for the labour market of deregulation and un-limited competition and found a new social class emerging from the shattered well fare society – the precariat – “The Dangerous Class”.

Working environments influence quality in the media

(Sep 12, 2014) Investigative journalism and the media’s role in a democracy are the main arguments used by media companies when they ask for special treatment. There is a debate in all the Nordic countries over the media’s framework — should they be exempt from paying VAT and should digital media be subsidised?

Researchers: Employment has become more important than job content

(Sep 10, 2014) Working life has been on the agenda during the Swedish general election campaign, and especially unemployment. More jobs are needed. Yet visions for the content of those jobs have not figured politically — an inconsistency highlighted by a group of researchers at a recent meeting in Stockholm.

Robots can save jobs

(Apr 11, 2014) Robots and increased automation can save many jobs from disappearing. At the same time many low paid jobs disappear when machines take over certain tasks. The NLJ looks at what the new technological revolution means.

“I've become more independent"

“I've become more independent"

(Apr 11, 2014) Aarhus Municipality is paving the way in introducing welfare technology. For 67 year old Svend Erik Christensen this means he can manage much more on his own — including going to the toilet.

Unique judgement - managers guilty of employee’s suicide

(Mar 05, 2014) In Sweden two managers at a social services centre were found guilty in February of causing an employee’s depression and suicide. The judgement is unique. Never before has an employer been found guilty of causing psychological illness, and regardless of whether it is overturned on appeal this judgement serves as a wake-up call for Swedish employers.

Fewer deaths at work

(Feb 11, 2014) The number of deaths in Nordic workplaces continues to fall, according to preliminary figures collected by NLJ for last year from Finland, Sweden and Denmark. But there has been an increase in fatal accident in Norway, a trend which has repeated itself for the past three years.

Renewed focus on Danish working environments

(Feb 06, 2014) Denmark’s construction industry will fight to limit workplace accidents. It’s the latest in a range of government initiatives aimed at improving the physical work environment.

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