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Book in review: Hot conflicts in the Workplace

(Jun 01, 2001) After the Cold War ended, a series of conflicts and civil wars broke out. Although none of them threatened the world order, they were bloody and claimed many victims. Norwegian working life researchers Bjørg Aase Sørensen and Asbjørn Grimsmo see a similar trend developing on today’s labour market in which hierarchical structures have been replaced by teamwork and substantially streamlined organisations.

Responses by vocational guidance psychologists to unconscious expectations

(Jun 01, 2001) It is easy to believe that counselling and guidance are rational, cognitive and conscious activities and forget the unconscious aspects of these tasks. This research, however, proved that the transferences of the clients and, perhaps especially the countertransferences of the psychologists, should be taken into consideration, if our aim is to improve the quality and the results in these fields.

The Nordic Ministers of Labour

(Jan 01, 2001)  

Jørgen Kosmo, Labour Party, Norway

(Jan 01, 2001)  

Páll Pétursson, Progress Party, Iceland

(Jan 01, 2001)  

The Dream Society

(Jan 01, 2001) Rolf Jensen is the Director of The Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. It is one of the world’s largest institutes for creating scenarios and making forecasts about the future. Nevertheless, at a meeting, he was unable to answer a simple question from one of his clients: What will follow the information society?

Ove Hygum, Social Democratic Party, Denmark

(Jan 01, 2001)  

Mona Sahlin, Social Democratic Party, Sweden

(Jan 01, 2001)  

Tarja Filatov, Social Democratic Party, Finland

(Jan 01, 2001)  

The Nordic Ministers of Labour

(Jan 01, 2001) The issue of the supply of skilled labour is high on the agenda in the Nordic countries, as well as that of getting everybody on track for the new knowledge-based society. We have put four questions to the Ministers responsible for labour market policy in the Nordic countries, in order to hear their views on these challenges.

Internet pop

(Jan 01, 2001) In recent months, several books have been written about the IT industry by former pop musicians. The Swedish artist Alexander Bard has abandoned the group Army of Lovers and, with the book «(Inter)netocrats», has instead become a recruit to the continually growing Internet army. The musical ambitions of Cell founder, Christer Sturmark, were crowned to a somewhat lesser extent, but his ventures into the new economy were all the more successful, as he describes in his book «With passion as the driving force».

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